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2012/11/07 The 33rd Daizo open golf tournament
2012/11/07 A playing ceremony for safety construction of a new building in Oshima shipyard
2012/10/27 "Olive Bay Hotel" is the new name of the new Oshima Shipyard Hotel.
2012/10/24 Daizo BBQ festival in the 2012 fiscal year
2012/10/24 Tsugaru shamisen performance for elementary, junior high and high school students on September 27
2012/07/19 The 20th Nagasaki Saikai Triathlon was held
2012/07/19 The safety-praying ceremony in 2012 was held
2012/07/19 Our affiliate company, Nagasaki Oshima Brewery Co., Ltd changed its name
2011/11/05 The 32nd Daizo Open Golf
2011/11/05 Daizo Barbeque Party
2011/08/08 The 19th Nagasaki Saikai Triathlon
2011/08/08 The safety praying festival for the 2011 fiscal year.
2011/08/08 Donation of “3D-CAD system” to Sasebo Technical High School
2011/08/08 New dock gate completion
2011/04/30 The 2011 welcoming ceremony
2011/04/30 Solar Power Generation
2011/03/25 Oshima’s 61 type bulk carrier was awarded the Ship of the Year by a foreign newspaper.
2011/02/16 Oshima shipyard celebrated its 38th founding anniversary
2011/01/14 A New Year’s Greeting for 2011
2010/12/29 Kudaime (Ninth in the line) Hayashiya Shōzō, stage and TV celebrity came to Oshima
2010/12/29 Completion of a new second house
2010/11/08 The 31st Daizo Open Golf Tournament
2010/11/08 The 18th Nagasaki Saikai Triathlon took place in Oshima.
2010/11/08 Daizo Barbeque Party
2010/09/03 Ms. Taeko Utsugi, Coach of the Japan Women’s National Softball Team visited Oshima.
2010/09/03 Oshima shipyard started voluntary anti-crime patrols.
2010/07/10 The safety praying festival for the 2010 fiscal year.
2010/07/10 The Oshima shipyard team that participates for the first time in the 47th Oseto baot racing wins the
2010/07/10 Dunkel in Nagasaki patriot,’ local beer wins the gold prize.
2010/06/10 Oshima shipyard donates "3D-CAD system" to the prefectural Nagasaki technical high school

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