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2015/08/19 The 23rd Nagasaki Saikai Triathlon Festival
2015/08/19 2015 Safety Praying Ceremony
2015/08/17 The fourth game of the 70th Honinbou, one of championships for game of go
2015/05/06 2015 welcoming ceremony for new employees
2015/01/13 Installation of a second 1,200 ton capacity gantry crane completed on December 13, 2014
2014/11/07 2014 Daizo Barbecue Festival
2014/08/02 The 22nd Nagasaki Saikai Triathlon
2014/08/02 2014 Safety praying ceremony
2014/07/05 Columbia University Emeritus Professor Hugh Patrick
2014/04/30 Mr. Yoshimi Benno, a Riken researcher visited the Oshima island
2014/04/30 2014 welcoming ceremony for new employees
2014/03/06 Completion of a passing water tank
2014/03/06 41st Founding Anniversary Ceremony
2014/03/06 1. A new rigid type of sail for wind challenger went on a field test
2014/02/12 An Oshima shipyard team participated three years in a row in a long-distance relay race sponsored by
2014/02/12 The 2014 New Year Opening Ceremony
2014/02/12 The third "rakugo" or “funny story” event named "Let’s Get Together and Laugh"
2013/11/20 The 34th Daizo’s Open Golf
2013/11/20 The 2013’s Daizo Barbecue Festival
2013/08/08 The 21st Nagasaki Saikai Triathlon
2013/08/08 The safety praying ceremony for 2013 was held
2013/08/08 Oshima shipyard hull no. 10700 "SOYO" was awarded "Ship of the Year 2012"
2013/05/16 The Olive Bay Hotel opened
2013/05/16 New hires’ first day in fiscal 2013
2013/05/15 A Seven Eleven outlet opened in the Oshima shipyard
2013/05/15 A new office building completion
2013/03/09 Completion of the Olive Bay Hotel
2013/03/09 The 40th Founding Ceremony
2013/02/08 An Oshima shipyard running team participated in a long-distance relay race hosted by the Nagasaki sh
2013/02/08 2013 New Year Opening Ceremony

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