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We contribute to the world from Oshima.
Corporate Creed is Oshima's consitution which delineates principle and behavior,
more specifically, recognition of reality and thinking standard on which thinking and behavioral patterns of all employees are dependent.

  1. Serve people everywhere through world-class products and services.
    We accomplish social responsibility by offering products and services of high value to our customers.

  2. Safeguard the environment while maximizing corporate value.
    Our business activities are not sustainable without environmental awareness.
    We are not qualified to do business unless we are environmentally friendly.

  3. Abide by rigorous standards of integrity in striving to help ensure lasting vitality for the community, for the nation, and for the world.
    Impartiality, integrity and justice vary according to the lapse of the time without absolute standard.
    But we have to constantly keep impartiality, integrity and justice in mind and take attitude in pursuit of universal values of the times.
OSHIMA WAY Corporate Creed