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President's Message
Nobuyuki Minami President We strive to achieve our goal to make Oshima shipyard one of the largest supplier of bulk carriers in the world.
Oshima shipyard is headquartered in Oshima-cho, Saikai city, Nagasaki prefecture which is situated at the western end of Japan and we have to constantly make every possible effort to keep abreast of changes occurring on the international scene in this field. Nagasaki people in the Tokugawa Shogun era might be in the same situation because many Japanese businessmen in Nagasaki engaged in business with their foreign counterparts in the Dejima island, an artificial land in Nagasaki harbor.
The market we have to face is not only domestic and regional one but the global one. At the same time, however, we have kept in mind the fact that Oshima shipyard is one of the indigenous industries deeply rooted in Nagasaki-prefecture.
We will contribute to the revitalization and development of local communities in the vicinity of Oshima shipyard by constructing “Oshima bulkers" and in a bid to accomplish this contrirbution for people to live an afffluent life in the country and in the world, we are willing to join hands with shipping companies in the world..
“Bulkers" are referred to as “Bulk Carrier" to be exact and the most versatile type of vessel to able to handdle various cargoes including iron ores, coal and grains.
Our customers are remarkable shipping companies in the worldwide. To meet the demand for ships of high standard by our customers, we are committed to honing our technical skill, mobilizing the technique and building ships with integrity. We do also think, “Ship owner’s happiness is our company’s joy”.
The idea of coexistence with nature and environment has been interwoven into design concepts. Eco-ship, for example, is currently under development for the purpose of conservation of energy and natural resources.
Oshima Shipyard strives to make steady progress in pursuit of a prosperous future of shipbuilding industries.
Our motto is “Moving Ever Onward, Asserting Distinctive Strengths, Spawning New Ideas”.