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Contribution to Environmental Protection
Technical Approch
Extensive efforts are under way to protect environment from the management policy valuing the earth's environment.
Wind Challenger Project Wind Challenger Project
We, as a shipyard, have participated in the Wind Challenger Project to use wind power as a primary source of energy for ships in collaboration with the University of Tokyo, NYK Line, Mitsui O.S.K. Lines and Nippon Kaiji Kyokai.
This project is expected to play a key role to significantly improve fuel economy (fuel consumption is reduced to one third in comparison with that of conventional ships) by installing retractable rigid sails on board (sails are made of carbon plastic)
Air Lubrication System Air Lubrication System
Air Lubrication System is a technology contributing to the reduction of fuel cost through inputting air into the ship bottom to decrease the friction at ship’s bottom.
The experiment of Air Lubrication System is under way in collaboration with National Maritime Research Institute, NYK Line and Oshima shipyard with the subsidy of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.
Oshima shipyard will construct a vessel by applying the system for the first time.
SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) SCR (Selective Catalvtic Reduction)
SCR is a method to substantially reduce diesel oxides of nitrogen (NOx) emission, major causes of air pollution.
An actual ship experiment on area-SCR has been underway in collaboration with National Maritime Research Institute, NYK Line and Oshima shipyard with the Our extensive effort continues to protect environment based on our management policy to put a high value on the earth’s environment.
Minimum Ballast Ship
Ballast water discharge (see note below) threatens sea ecosystem.
Minimum ballast ships can significantly reduce the treatment of discharged ballast water by changing ship's design. And also for the purpose of improving propulsion capability when in ballast situation, the development of minimum ballast ship subsidized by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport has been underway in collaboration with Shipbuilding Research Centre of Japan and Oshima Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.

(Note) Ballast water is used as weight. Tanks holding ballast water are prepared for the ship and filling, moving and discharge of ballast water will help balance ships and properly submerge the entire propeller at the empty load.
Development of 30% energy-saving ships
A new organization started in 2008 in Oshima Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. to develop 30% energy-saving ships compared with conventional ships and the development completed in 2009.
However, global warming advances rapidly and the development is still ongoing to further energy-saving performance.
Reduction of industrial Waste & Recycle Primotion
In house Activities
Breakdown of Industrial Waste・Segregation of industrial waste
・Promotion of improving recycle rate in collaboration with industrial waste dealers
・Recycle Rate: Actual achievment in 2008 …… 83%

Office Activities
img・Collection of used OA paper
・Promotion of double face printing and copying
Plastic Bottle Caps
img・400 pieces of a small cap of a pet bottle are valued for 10 yen.
Incineratio of those caps as waste enerates 3,150g of CO2.
・polio vaccine costs 20yen per child.a child can be saved for 20 yen.

Recovered amount:Actual achievement in 2009:  709.9kg For 180 children
Energy Saving
●Water・・・・Reuse of water used for steel bending work.
●Electricity・・・・Make sure to turn the power off at close of business and check for valve closed.
●Solar Power Generationy・・・・For the purpose of introducing clean energy, promoting energy saving awareness and applying its technology to shipboard use, a solar power generation system, 50kW electrical output (A solar panel: amorphous silicon crystallite tandem junction thin-film solar cells) has been in operation since February in 2011 on the roof of the second rest house completed in December, 2010. The solar power generation system is the power source of about 500 lights in the new second rest house. Monitors at the entrance of the second rest house and by the elevator at the entrance of the main office building and all computers connected to in-house LAN show the power generation status in real time.
※Steel bending work・・Work to bend steel materials by heat and water
monitor monitor panel
Tree-Planting Campagn
The tree-planting campaign has taken root in Oshima shipyard as one of the annual events to hand down pristine nature for years to come, starting with the foundation anniversary in 1986. Shipyard employees plant about 1,000 trees on the anniversary every year.
A ceremony of naming and delivery provides another opportunity to plant trees of olive, which are a symbol of peace and safety, wishing "safe navigation of vessels" and "prosperity of those concerned with shipping."
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