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Line up
Box shape bulk carrier
Bulk carriers of this type are designed to provide optimal space utilization for cargo storage, being equipped with box type cargo holds.
Open Type Bulk CarrierOpen Type Bulk Carrier This type of vessel has cargo holds to facilitate optimal space utilization for cargo storage.
The size of box type cargo hold openings is exactly the same in length and breadth of cargo holds.
And also this type of bulk carriers is of high specifications with large self-propelled gantry crane.
Large openings of cargo holds allow for smooth loading of fragile cargoes such as pulp and roll paper without causing any damages to them. Oshima shipyard constructs the biggest size of this type of vessels in the world, ranging from 40,000-dwt to 70,000-dwt and has got a proven record of delivery of this type of vessels to the three major shipowners who are operating open hatch bulk carriers in the world. In this sector, Oshima shipyard has acquired the largest share in the market in the world.
Semi Open Type Bulk CarrierSemi Open Type Bulk Carrier Semi-Open Hatch bulk carriers are low-cost alternatives to Open Hatch bulk carriers with box type cargo holds.
But because cranes are not self-propelled, the size of the of the forward and aft cargo hold openings is a little bit smaller than that of
cargo holds in longitudinal length.
Oshima's Semi-Open Hatch bulk carriers are another type of vessel gaining enjoys a big share of the market.
Semi Open Type Bulk Carrier  
Conventional bulk carriers
This ship type, being equipped with tanks at above and beneath the cargo holds, is better suited for carrying primary products.
Handymax Bulk CarrierHandymax Bulk Carrier Handymax bulk carriers are suitable for carrying primary products, being equipped with tanks above and beneath the cargo holds.
Handymax bulk carrier is a bulk carrier with deadweight ton ranging from 40,000-dwt to 60,000-dwt (cargo carrying capacity), not exceeding 190 meters and 32.2 meters in the length and breadth, respectively. But some recent handymaxes recently have their length extended to 200 meters.
Handymaxes equipped with cranes are versatile enough to perform cargo handling without sufficient port facilities.
Oshima shipyard constructs handymaxes ranging from 50,000-dwt to 60,000-dwt.
Panamax Bulk CarrierPanamax Bulk Carrier Panamax bulk carriers are usually of 60,000 to 80,000 tons of deadweight capacity, and are suitable for carrying bulk cargo of industrial commodities like as salt, grain, coal and/or iron ore, not exceeding 225 meters (some recent Panamaxes have the length of 229 meters) and 32.2 meters in the length and breadth, respectively.
Oshima shipyard constructs Panamaxes ranging from 75,000-dwt to 80,000-dwt.
It is our primary concern how ships in this category will change because of the easing of the limitation on the width of ships by the completion of the Panama Canal expansion in 2014.
This ship type includes geared panamaxes in some rare.
Over Panamax Bulk CarrierOver Panamax Bulk Carrier Over Panamax is a generic name of ships that exceed the maximum width of the Panama Canal.
Post Panamax is gradually replacing the original Panamax.
Oshima shipyard constructs this ship type ranging from 80,000-dwt to 120,000-dwt. An Over Panamax between 90,000-dwt and 120,000-dwt is called mini-capesize.
Wooden Chip CarrierWooden Chip Carrier As the name implies, the ship is dedicated to carrying wooden chips made by crushing timber into pieces.
As wooden chips are light in weight, nevertheless they are typically bulky cargo, wooden chip carriers are built with deep cargo holds.
The most common type of wooden chip carriers is equipped with an automatic discharge conveyor called unloader equipment.
self Unloaderself Unloader This is one of self-unloading vessels equipped with automated unloading equipment.
This ship type is designed to exclusively carry cargoes such as cement with fine-grained and easy to fly apart.
It has the most distinctive feature of the cargo discharge equipment of continuous bucket type all weather mobile equipment called garage to cover cargo holds.
Belt unloaderBelt unloader This ship is also equipped with a self-unloader.
Cranes and grab buckets are used for unloading cargoes from cargo holds and discharge then to conveyor belts on ship's deck.
CABUCABU CABU is short for Caustic Soda/bulk carrier.
CABU is a special bulk carrier of panamax size vessel design to carry
chemical producuts is a liquid from such as caustic soda, which is too
dangerous for conventional bulk carriers to carry.

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