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Why does Oshima shipyard grow tomatoes?
We're aiming to continue our business activities with the motto, "live together with the community."
In order to attain the motto, Oshima shipyard came up with the idea to diversify to produce such attractive local specialty as tomatoes, shochu spirits and microbrewed beer.
We are producing those products , expecting that those specialties remain in the mind of people who come to Oshima and they will see the island as their spiritual home.
Tomato is one of local specialties.
Oshima shipyard logo features an anchor and a tomato as a symbol of corporate creed.
Oshima tomatoes Oshima tomatoes
Oshima tomatoes grow to be ripe with concentrated sweet taste with minimal water supply. Oshima tomato is a rare breed called "First" which is not common throughout the country.
The tomato is generally in acute shape.
Oshima tomatoes Oshima tomatoes
Oshima tomatoes sink down in water!
Ordinary tomatoes float in water but Oshima tomatoes sink into water because of firm flesh.
We are growers of Oshima tomatoes!
The products are the result of our efforts.
Early January to early May is the harvesting time.
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