I am Syed Faizan, this is my 10th year working at
Hull Outfitting Design Section(船装設計課).

I would like to introduce my travelling experiences.

My first experience of travel in Japan was to UNESCO World Heritage Site “Yakushima”.
This was my first long journey by car ferry and the experience was awesome as I was able to see flying fish alongside the ship.

The hiking through forest and narrow trails was tiring but the scenic beauty on reaching the top was relaxing and worth the effort.

The next trip I took was to the cultural city of Kyoto, the historic city of Nara and the commercial city of Osaka.

In this trip, I explored history and culture of Japan along with enjoying the hustle and bustle of big city and made new friends.

The overseas family trip to Hong Kong and Macau was awesome and exciting.
My daughter wanted to explore so much and was reluctant to face the camera and this is one of my favorite picture of this trip.

The city of Macau is the Las Vegas of the East and here I was able to see the grandeur of the casinos with extravagant shows, rides, fountains and events.

I would like to travel to various places with my family and friends.
Destiny Awaits!!

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